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Code Tweaks &
Design Touch-Ups

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Personalize your website's
functionality, layout and styling
to match your preferences.

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Lite Box

Quick Fixes

pixel-perfect touch
to fine-tune the details

  • widget/plugin integration
    for added functionality
  • custom fonts installations
  • color scheme implementation
  • layout element adjustments
    for improved structure
  • social media icons linking
  • navigation/menu updates
    for seamless user experience
  • and more

    [$ 15 ]

Boost Box

Enhanced Adjustments

refined enhancements
to elevate your site

  • text/content formatting
    for enhanced readability
  • responsive drop-down menus
    for improved navigation
  • styling forms
    (contact, search, subscribe, etc.)
    for a cohesive look
  • customized image frames
    for an appealing visual impact
  • and more

    [$ 25 ]

Pro Box

Advanced Transformations

supercharged upgrades
for web mastery

  • template updates and migrations
    for optimal performance
  • resolution of tricky template clashes
    to ensure seamless functionality
  • graphic design edits
    for a visually stunning presentation
  • creation of custom subpages
    for an expanded content structure
  • implementation of custom opt-in forms
    to boost subscriber engagement
  • and more

    [$ 50 ]

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